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Winlink course wk1-wk5 (SEC-ARES)

Dutch Winlink System
What is the Dutch Winlink System?
It is basically Winlink Express with hard needed extras a new PH3J Packet Agent (incl. digipeater, monitor) that supports a lot of KISS TNC's.
support of a 'virtual ether' where RMS Packet stations and digipeaters can be created that simulate 1200 baud on-air speed.
APRSIS32 is added for visualization of stations etc.
provides for Internet independant operation:
pre-installed OSM (OpenStreetMap) maps
install files of common USB to serial drivers
a config tool (DWC) will configure all the programs.
DWC provides update alerts for Winlink, PH3J Packet Agent and other software.
RMS Packet / RMS Relay stations can also be configured with DWC.
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