South African EmComm Exercise – 29 & 30 August 2020

By | August 17, 2020

From Emcomm coordinator IARU1

Please take note that the emergency communications division of the South African Radio League; HAMNET, will be holding a blackout exercise from 10:00UTC on Saturday the 29th August 2020 until 10:00UTC on Sunday the 30th August 2020. We will be using JS8Call, Winlink P2P and phone as required.

29th&30thAugust 2020 Blackout Exercise Band plan

SSBCalling Frequencies:

3.760.00 Mhz LSB
5.430.00 Mhz USB
7.110.00 Mhz LSB
14.300.00 MhzUSB
Once contact has been made you may arrange to QSY to another frequency to send the message thus not flooding the call frequencies .JS8CallAs provided by the Software per band .
(All USB)60M = 5.361.00 Mhz USB (This is not provided in the Software.)
Winlink P2PMode will be: ARDOP P2P + VARA P2P

3.610.00 Mhz USB ARDOP
3.615.00 Mhz USB VARA
5.435.00 Mhz USB ARDOP
5.410.00 Mhz USB VARA
7.055.00 Mhz USB ARDOP
7.060.00 Mhz USB VARA
14.085.00 Mhz USB ARDOP
14.090.00 Mhz USB VARA
If you come across messages on these bands they may include cryptic messages (not encrypted) and we will steer away from any messages which can be construed as true emergencies, but our messages may include positions and ‘sitreps’. Please feel free to chip in but can we request that all interactions are kept to a minimum.

Grant Southey
National Director
HAMNET South Africa.