RMS: PI8CNL-10 is a Winlink2000 node of the Dutch Amateur Radio Emergency Service. On the frequency 144.850 MHz you can use this node in 1200 baud packet radio and VARA FM.

PI8CNL is situated on top of the building of the dispatch centre of the security-region Flevoland in the town of Lelystad. Police, firebrigade and ambulances are dispatched from this location.

Technical details
QRA: Lelystad
Freq: 144.850 MHz
Mode: Winlink AX25 packet 1200 Baud and VARA FM
Managed by: PAØNON (AT License holder) and PD0JEW
TRX: Kenwood TM D-700E
Computer: Dell PC
Modem: DRA36
Antenna: Vertical 20m ASL

Status: On Air (12 juli 2021)