Flooding Germany

By | July 18, 2021

Hello everyone,

here’s the update from 17.07.2021 on the current situation. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, parts of Germany were ravaged by very severe storms. The district of Ahrweiler in Rhineland-Palatinate was particularly severely hit. Several thousand rescue workers have been deployed there for days. In some areas, the situation is slowly relaxing, in others more dams have broken and houses have collapsed. Currently, the number of dead is at least 135, although this figure is probably going to rise upwards.There are currently several activities on the part of amateur radio:- A request came from Ahrweil county whether radio amateurs can help build communication. A number of radio amateurs have reported here and further coordination efforts are underway. Currently no more reports are required here. If this changes for this place or other places, we will inform you again separately.- Last night there was an emergency call from Saarland on a 80 m frequency. This emergency call was picked up by a Dutch emergency radio station and tried to answer. After this was not possible due to the radio conditions, the IARU R1 was informed about internal reporting routes and groups from Belgium and Italy also tried to record the radio signal. Unfortunately none of the groups were able to do this. However, we could contact the family of the OM by telephone, where there was no emergency.- Emergency radio coordinators of the affected countries keep constant contact and exchange information promptly in order to obtain the most comprehensive picture of the situation.If emergency calls or reports from the affected areas are received via amateur radio, they should be forwarded to the relevant police or emergency services department. Also for the search for missing persons there are now numbers. For the area of Koblenz (i.e. also the district of Ahrweiler), call 0800-6565651 applies here.If you want further help, e.g. by donating or similar, you can inform yourself accordingly on the SWR website at https://www.swr.de/…/spenden-hotlines-hochwasser….

A lot of information has already been gathered there.The DARC e.V. has been in touch with the responsible bodies on various levels, for several years, and if there is a need for our support, our contacts are available for quick contact. The situation is similar in the neighbouring countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, which are also affected. The amateur radio associations are also in contact with the relevant authorities, but currently no support from radio amateurs is needed there.If there are requests for help on site, please inform us promptly so that we can also get a current picture of the situation. It is important here that all radio amateurs used by local outlines of the DARC are registered by name and with call signs in order to be able to do a post-processing.From medicine, the following note reaches us for all helpers who would like to get involved: It is important that every helper has a good vaccination base protection. This includes a tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough vaccination no longer than 10 years ago, better younger than 5 years for adequate whooping cough protection. Everyone should be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B at least once. YLs / OMs from the age of 50 with severe preliminary illness should be vaccinated against pneumonia and flu last year. The same applies to the group from the 60th year of age without preliminary illness. And really every helping person should already be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and willing to constantly wear an FFP2 mask in touch with other people. In the disaster area, the delta variant will now certainly spread rapidly and everyone should protect themselves from that. In addition, every helper should carry sufficient amounts of the personally needed medicines and other medical supplies. There is no supply of this on site!

Source: IARU1 Emcomm