Emergency exercise ‘Austria Off-Grid’

By | September 22, 2020

On October 3 radio amateurs will participate in the nationwide emergency exercise Austria Off-Grid

The siren rehearsal will take place on October 3, 2020 during the annual civil defense test alarm.

But not only the function of the sirens for alerting the population will be tested on this day, but also the communication that takes place after an alarm is to be practiced this year. Alerting by means of a siren and subsequent communication via radio is a realistic scenario. Assuming that no further information is known, we radio amateurs should proceed in accordance with the EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION leaflet:

• Listen to the next converter, simplex frequencies, SW frequencies
• Report QRV and only send if necessary (radio discipline)
• Keep radio silence until you are spoken to
• Follow the instructions from the radio control station
• Document the recorded and sent radio messages as well as their content in a comprehensible manner
• Transmit briefly, concisely and meaningfully, speak clearly and clearly
• Use the international spelling alphabet without expressions specific to amateur radio
• Try to control emotions

During an Austria-wide emergency radio exercise, the most favorable for the time of day can be expected Shortwave frequencies are used. Radio stations of the Federal Armed Forces, ORF, A1, Johanniter, ÖRK or energy suppliers are also QRV on amateur radio bands.

Stations that can be QRV via QO-100, I ask for increased attention in satellite operation. The HAMNET should also be used for the exercise on this day.
As a link between the different radio systems, I ask the radio amateurs to be QRV on CB radio channels 9 and 3 as well as on PMR channel 3 – it is very likely that operations will take place there on October 3rd.

The telecommunications authority was informed in good time about the emergency and disaster radio traffic exercise on October 3rd from 1200LT to 2359LT.

Current information on which activities are taking place can be found on our website oevsv.at on October 3rd from the start of the exercise .

I am looking forward to the exercise with real relevance to reality and wish all participants the best of luck.

OE3KJN, Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Koblmiller

Source ÖVSV